I found a lovely shop at Etsy

If you need headdresses for SD girls have a look at Ayu & Ana Design's shop at Etsy. They have lovely and reasonably priced headdresses.

'Sunset Rhapsody' is a lovely headdress in harvest/autumn colours and would be a nice accessory for autumn sets. https://www.etsy.com/listing/187711527/sunset-rhapsody-handmade-flower-headband?ref=shop_home_active_12

Immarre has been too busy with her work lately, but finally decided to take photos of some of the clothes she's made (after me constantly nagging):

Here's an outfit she originally made for LDoll4, black pleather hotpants and a dar burgundy silk shirt.

Here's a sweet little outfit made to fit CP Lishe (with the big breast). Top and skirt are both made of silk and the ruffles are made of recycled saree silk.