Immarre was at LDoll 4

Immarre was at LDoll once again and had a booth called 'Jardin des rêves' together with Sweetneat. This year she had a lot of clothes made for SD (Delf) sized boys and girls. Such as very tight and sexy leather trousers and hotpants. She also got a lovely idea to recycle saree silk and made decorations for several outfits out of saree borders as well as sweet little tops for both SD and MNF/MSD girls. Some of these wonderful items will be later on sale at her Etsy shop.

Below I'm wearing a top made of red saree border silk (also the lining is silk). Very lovely looking and can be easily worn with either jeans or a skirt.
Here's another gorgeous outfit made of silk. Top and border of skirt are made of recycled saree silk.
Below is Lysimakhos in quite a naughty outfit, a ruffled shirt showing his stomach and sexy hotpants. Immarre made these hotpants in three different colours (black, white & beige) and two sizes (Delf type 1 & type 3). The hotpants should fit F60 boys and Granado SD boys also.
In this photo I'm wearing a sweet pink knitted shortsleeved blouse, which can be easily combined with either jeans or a skirt.

In this last photo Ennui is wearing a silk top with a skirt made of cotton & cotton gauze. The top is fastened at the back with snaps and it is tied at her neck with a lace ribbon.

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