Lace and More Lace

Those of you who just adore lace check a sweet little shop I found at Etsy called TinyWhispersStudio.
The shop is based in Adelaide, Australia, and the owner has some really lovely items for sale. She is also willing to ship worldwide.

Blanc for MSD is a gorgeous one of a kind white dress made to fit both MSD and MNF girls. The fabrics used for this item are just lovely and the outfit will make every girl look like a princess. The price is very reasonable 49.00 $.

'Alice' dress is made to fit SD10/SD13/SD16 girls and it is a very detailed short dress with multiple lace layers which gives it a very romantic appearance. Also a sweet bonnet/head dress is included. This beautiful outfit is for sale and the price is 149.00 $.


1920s at Dollheart

Finally Dollheart has made some flapper style clothing for those who just love the 1920s fashion.


Myrte is the set for SD16 girls and it includes a floral dress, pearl neclace, hat and coat. The dress isn't anything special but the coat is just gorgeous. The price for this outfit is  $119,90.

Daisy Tea Party and Evening Gown Set

The outfits even more true to the flapper style are sold as a set. Two gorgeous dresses in SD10/13 size, one in pale greygreen and the other in pink, they are nicely tailored and have beautiful details. The hats and coats are lovely and made of both beautiful materials and colours. The price for this set is $189,90.


Sin and Snow

Two new ladies moved in with us last week.

Sin, a SaDol Love60 Dal-Ha in normal skin.

And Snow, a Peak's Woods Fairies of Colors Wake-up Goldie in white skin.


Sweet countryside style and leather trousers

Here are a couple of photos of some other items Immarre made for LDoll.

Ennui is wearing a sweet combination made of cotton print. The top has a pink silk lining and is fastened at the back with snaps. The lace securing the top is actually not necessary but a very nice little detail. The skirt has a frayed ruffle decorated with cotton lace.


Lysimakhos is wearing violet leather trousers, made naturally of synthetic leather.


Immarre was at LDoll 4

Immarre was at LDoll once again and had a booth called 'Jardin des rêves' together with Sweetneat. This year she had a lot of clothes made for SD (Delf) sized boys and girls. Such as very tight and sexy leather trousers and hotpants. She also got a lovely idea to recycle saree silk and made decorations for several outfits out of saree borders as well as sweet little tops for both SD and MNF/MSD girls. Some of these wonderful items will be later on sale at her Etsy shop.

Below I'm wearing a top made of red saree border silk (also the lining is silk). Very lovely looking and can be easily worn with either jeans or a skirt.
Here's another gorgeous outfit made of silk. Top and border of skirt are made of recycled saree silk.
Below is Lysimakhos in quite a naughty outfit, a ruffled shirt showing his stomach and sexy hotpants. Immarre made these hotpants in three different colours (black, white & beige) and two sizes (Delf type 1 & type 3). The hotpants should fit F60 boys and Granado SD boys also.
In this photo I'm wearing a sweet pink knitted shortsleeved blouse, which can be easily combined with either jeans or a skirt.

In this last photo Ennui is wearing a silk top with a skirt made of cotton & cotton gauze. The top is fastened at the back with snaps and it is tied at her neck with a lace ribbon.