My Spoiled Little Brother

Our Coye has been visiting friends for the last couple of months and returned home yesterday. We had missed him so much, as had Immarre. She bought a new set of clothes for Coye from LDoll. Here's Coye in his new Another Space outfit. Doesn't he look lovely?


LDoll 3

Here is a photo of Jardin des rêves, the shop of Immarre & Sweetneat at LDoll 3.

My brother Lynn dressed in a frilly corset and coral coloured lace skirt. I bet that many people actually thought that he's a girl. Lysimakhos, our resident evil angel, is dressed in a frilly white linen jacket and knee lenght trousers along with a corset made of sky blue silk dupioni.

Lynn also posed in a rococo inspired outfit which included a white cotton shirt decorated with lace, a brown silk dupioni corset and knee lenght trousers and a vest which are both made of tobacco brown silk dupioni.
Immarre took photos from some of the other booths such as these lovely dolls dressed in oriental clothing.
This doll had an interesting steed - a sparrow!
And finally, Lysimakhos dressed in a beige rococo inspired outfit made for SD girls. He is wearing a gorgeus mohair wig made by Sweetneat. This outfit is listed for sale at Immarre's Etsy shop: