Hats for LDoll 2012

Besides sewing clothing, Immarre has made hats for LDoll. My poor brother, Lynn, and two of his friends Violet and Flann were forced to model hats ... that's not too bad, but they had to dress as girls since the hats were made for women. I have to admit, all three can really get away being girls.

Lynn (on the left) is wearing a hat made of linen and decorated with a narrow red and white ribbon and bow. Violet (in the middle) is wearing a grey silk had decorated with a tan and black wide ribbon and bow. Flann's white hat is also made of line and is decorated with lace and a pink and brown ribbon and a bow.

You can imagine that since Immarre is really busy with sewing, our living room looks quite interesting with all the ribbons, laces, cloths, hats and half ready clothes on the floor, not to mention the two doll friends who are basically naked...


Getting ready for LDoll 2012

Immarre has been busy, both sewing for LDoll and at work. Last year she noticed that its very difficult to sell clothes, if they only fit one specific doll such as a Minifée.

So she had some new ideas how to develop the clothes so that they would fit several different dolls. Here we have an example of a grungy rococo styled outfit made of beige linen. Mikiko, Xaya's Delf Juri, is modelling this lovely outfit. This lovely outfit has three separate pieces; a corset, a skirt and a ruffeled jacket. All are easy to adjust to SD girls of different sizes.

The hat is made of golden raw silk and is hand sewn. It is decorated with a silk sash and bow (you can't see the bow in the photo) as well as some lovely lace.

The other example is a SD boy sized outfit of white linen. A pair of trousers and a ruffeled jacket. The corset is made by Rauouken and it fits the ensemble in a superb way. Here is a link to Rauouken's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Raouken