Lavish Clothing for SD Ladies

CheeryDoll seems to have several lovely and lavish outfits for SD girls.

The 'European Dress 64-Arcane princess' is a gorgeous ensemble in white with gold decorations, including braids, sashes and lace. The outfit includes several separate pieces and can be worn with a princess like long skirt or with a short ballet type skirt. The following pieces, very rich in detail, are included; a corset with lace, braid and ribbon decorations, a long sleeved bodice, underpants and net stockings, both short and long skirts, a panier and accessories. All very decorative and detailed.

Another example of their gorgeous outfits is the 'European Dress 62-noble grey', which is made of black or very dark grey sheer material decorated with white and silver embroidery and lace. The 'Noble Grey' is actually three different outfits; a long princess like dress, a short ballet like dress and a corset with stockings set. The outfit includes the following separate pieces; a black corset, a long sleeved bodice, two skirts, a panier, and accessories.

More beautiful outfits can be found at CheeryDoll; http://www.cheerydoll.com/


Rococo Outfits

Immarre finally managed to take photos of the lovely brown silk rococo outfit she made for Minifée boys. She wasn't lazy, but due to computer problems she wasn't able to be online since the beginning of this year.

This brown rococo outfit includes a silk vest which is lined with a printed cotton mix lining and decorated with gold braid. The trousers are knee lenght and also decorated with gold braid. The shirt has been made of sheer cotton and it is decorated with cotton lace.

The red and white rococo outfit for a Minifée girl was originally made for the LDoll Festival, which was held in Lyon in October 2011.

The bodice and outer skirt have been made of red silk with lace and bow decorations. The underskirt is made of printed cotton. The outfit is partly hand sewn and it fits the B-line (most likely also the A-line big bust) Minifée girl.

Both outfits are for sale on Etsy.