Oriental Clothing for SDs and MSDs

Immarre ordered oriental clothing for the big boys from Stacy's Pink Ocean. The clothes seemed reasonably priced and something she really wanted the boys to have. After ordering she was asked the exact measurements of the boys and after waiting some three weeks the clothes arrived and fit perfectly.

Immarre ordered the clothes through Wind Dolls, which is a doll, clothing & accessories shop located in France.
Below is a photo of Florestan and Pyrope in their new clothes. Pyrope is dressed in a black long flowing sleeveless dress which has a zipper in the back and lovely pink floral motif. On top of the dress he has a white lined oriental coat with black decorations. Florestan has a more manly outfit with a white grey long Chinese type coat with black trousers. The coat has white lining and silver decorations.

The quality of the clothes is excellent, eventhough you might every now and then give a little ironing, since especially the dress wrinkles quite easily. Below are photos of the detailed decorations.

Wind Dolls: http://winddoll.creezvotreboutique.com/