Back from LDoll Festival

On the left a photo from our sales table, poor Illya was dressed in a lolita dress.

Illya (a Minifée El SS) and myself returned from LDoll Festival, which was held in Lyon France, happy but tired. I was hard to pose and look lovely for the whole weekend and to endlessly smile while the big people took photos of us.

I met Elke, who had travelled to the Festival with Jesmo. Sadly Tobias didn't come this year but a new boy, Lucas, had decided to join us. And we met little Menni, unluckily our Coye was left home so he didn't meet this sweet little girl.

The journey to Lyon was uneventful, there was a huge group of us travelling together, eventhough I don't like to travel tucked into a doll carrier with another doll. There just isn't enough room.

Saturday morming we arrived early to Double Mixte, so that we could get everything organised nicely. There was a big crowd during Saturday and sometimes I just wished I could have hidden under the table (naturally I didn't do that), there was too much noise and too many big people.
Here are some photos Immarre took from the Festival. As you can see there were a lot of dolls and some really amazing clothes for sale.

I had no possibility to buy anything for myself and Immarre sold my favourite white Rococo outfit and I had to dress into a white Regency gown instead. I need to tell her to sew a new one for me.
She bought three (!!) corsets from Raouken, since she told me that she hates doing the eyelets and is willing to pay for corsets made by someone else. Little Coye got a pink bunny outfit and he seemed very happy receiving it. He looks absolutely adorable in it.

Our resin family got a new member; Finnian (a Delf El Dreaming OOAK) travelled back home with us. He seems to be a nice guy eventhough he's a faun.
The SD outfits in the photo on the left were amazing, so many tiny details and so beautiful fabrics. Unluckily they weren't for sale, but most likely one can preorder them in the future.

On the right are some of the dolls owned by the LDoll staff.


LD Doll Festival in Three Weeks Time

Its just over three weeks to LDoll Festival which will be held in Lyon, France. Immarre and some of her friends have a sales table for the two days and Immarre has been sewing MNF sized clothing. A lot of frilly dresses, empire gowns and rococo outfits. Here are matching outfits for a MNF couple.
Both outfits are made of powder blue silk with rococo and lace trimmings. They are mostly sewn by machine but all of the trimmings and the tiny seams, such as the sleeves, have been hand sewn.


Oriental Clothing for SDs and MSDs

Immarre ordered oriental clothing for the big boys from Stacy's Pink Ocean. The clothes seemed reasonably priced and something she really wanted the boys to have. After ordering she was asked the exact measurements of the boys and after waiting some three weeks the clothes arrived and fit perfectly.

Immarre ordered the clothes through Wind Dolls, which is a doll, clothing & accessories shop located in France.
Below is a photo of Florestan and Pyrope in their new clothes. Pyrope is dressed in a black long flowing sleeveless dress which has a zipper in the back and lovely pink floral motif. On top of the dress he has a white lined oriental coat with black decorations. Florestan has a more manly outfit with a white grey long Chinese type coat with black trousers. The coat has white lining and silver decorations.

The quality of the clothes is excellent, eventhough you might every now and then give a little ironing, since especially the dress wrinkles quite easily. Below are photos of the detailed decorations.

Wind Dolls: http://winddoll.creezvotreboutique.com/