Clothing for Littlefée Boys

Its always a challenge to find suitable clothing for dolls, and buying clothing for Littlefées, especially for LTF boys, is no exception. The clothes sold by Fairyland are naturally well fitting and lovely, but when you shop from other companies you need to measure you little one, so that you can try to find something suitable.

I have noticed that Kondoll has lovely clothing for Littlefées. Their clothes for petite girls are gorgeous, like the Pink Camellia Y -set, but they have lovely clothes for the little boys as well.

Most of the clothes fit extremely well, such as the Paradise02 -set, which my little brother Coye is wearing in the photo. This sweet set consists of a jacket, pants, overknee socks and a hat. The pattern with little teddybears, bunnies and houses is lovely and it is well made, so it definately is worth of paying $ 33,50. If you have twin Littlefées, you can buy the Paradise01 -set, which has a slightly different jacket.

Also the TB Prince - set, which will make your boy look like a little prince, fits very nicely Littlefées; http://kondoll.com/ProductList.aspx?prid=777, as does this pink and black set which includes a striped long shirt, a pink short shirt with a hood, black trousers (short enough), a black beanie, a striped scarf and striped socks. The set includes also a tiny necklace; http://kondoll.com/ProductList.aspx?prid=696.

Notice that the normal lenght trousers are a bit too long for Littlefées, unless you are willing to cut them, but anything with shorts or bloomer typed short trousers will fit.