LDoll Festival

We, Starr and myself, participated along with Elke and Tobias the LDoll Festival in Lyon, France. It was the first BJD festival held in Europe and we were really enthusiastic to be a part of it. I participated in the 'Comme au cinema' contest and my movie theme was Marie Antoinette. The contest was won by a petite little hoovling representing 'Narnia' and his/her owner was given a SD doll as the prize.

I'm not going to tell about the actual festival, but instead of fashion. That is clothes, hats and shoes that were for sale at the festival. It seems that the major theme was romantic - there was plenty of romantic clothing available. Especially if you were a girl. There was also a lot of other styles represented, such as casual and oriental. Besides the big doll companies; Peaks Wood and Leeke World, also many French artisans were present at the festival. Blanche Alix had a gorgeous 19th century style corset, lace panties and lovely long socks as well as sweet dresses for MSD girls. A link to the blog of Blanche Alix which has photos: http://blanchealixdolls.blogspot.com/

Heliantas had a lot of petite and tiny sized romantic and lacy dresses and lovely hats. The absolutely dropdead gorgeous hat my brother Lynn is wearing was bought from her shop. Very decorative and very romantic. Here's a link to photos of clothing made by Heliantas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heliantas

Lelahel had plenty of SD sized baroque neo-romantic clothing for both girls and boys. Some of her regency styled dresses were absolutely gorgeous. Here's a link to Lelahel's blog where you can see photos of the gorgeous golden regency drees: http://www.lelahel.net/blog/

Fairy Style had sweet crocheted clothing for Pukipukis, Pukifees, Littlefees and Minifées. Skirts, socks, cardigans everything in pastel colors. They have photos of their collection at flicr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marambu. Edhelwen from Affreusement Mignon makes lovely clothing both for BJDs and Blythes, photos of her work can be seen here: http://edhelwendoll.free.fr/. If you need clothes for Unoa girls or boys then have a look of what Silent Dolls have to offer: http://chinapink.wordpress.com/.
As you can see, the festival was definately the place to be and shop for bjd fashion. And we did shop a lot ... and a lot; shoes, wigs and outfits. Hopefully the festival will be organised in 2011, because we too would like to have our own little shop to sell Minifée clothing.


Tarot outfits at Dollheart

Dollheart has some very lovely new outfits for both boys and girls. My 'brother' Florestan just ordered the 'Egbert' outfit (which is not one of the new ones though) and I had a chance to look at the clothes too. And I liked very much what I saw.

For little MSD girls who like Victorian era clothing the Independent Girl is a good choice. The dark (black with a floral motif with hints of white and blue) colours are perfect for those long autumn and winter Sundays when you visit relatives. The outfit includes a hair accessory (a rosette) and socks. This sweet outfit is $ 89,90.

The little MSD prince could dress in the Mischievous Child. The outfit includes long black trousers, a white shirt, vest, tie and a sweet little 'top hat'. And to make the little prince look formal, it also includes a little grey jacket with satin trimmings on the sleeves and collar. Absolutely adorable. The price for this outfit is $ 89,90.

The Tarot seems to be the theme for the SD clothes, High Priestess is the name of the sinful and gorgeous looking red satin which is richly decorated with black lace. The outfit reminds me of a combination of Moulin Rouge and Carmen. Ladies with dark hair and fair skin will look stunning in this outfit. The price is $ 109,90.

SD boys have three different Tarot outfits; the very priestly looking Hierophant outfit, which has a clergyman's hat combined with a jacket, small cape and trousers. The Chariot reminds me of the German Sissi movies, a red jacket with white trousers, a long black velvet cape and a cavalry officer's hat. One just needs to buy the long black riding boots to go with this outfit. The third one is the Devil, a black gothic type outfit made of faux leather. The prices range from $ 99,90 to 109,90.

Detailed information and photos can be viewed at www.dollheart.com