Shoes for those tiny Minifée feet

As everyone knows we Minifées have small feet. And small feet cause problems when you need to find suitable shoes. Most of the MSD sized shoes are far too big for our delicate feet, even with socks.


Boots are relatively easy, because they can be a bit too big and you can still use them. I admit that some boots look hilarious, my brothers look like little boys wearing their father's boots. The most suitable boots you can buy from Luts. The Minimal Long boots are offered in brown, black and shiny black at the price of $ 43. My brothers love them and have three pairs . The Mary pumps by Luts seem to be the right size for us Minifée girls, I've seen many girls wearing them. At the moment all other colours except black are out of stock.


Dela Rae's shoes are perfect for Minifée girls. Dela Rae shoes are well made and affordable, a pair of basic pumps is $ 14. Pumps are offered in four basic (black, white, ecru, red) and in five special (e.g. animal print) colours, wedge heels in five (black, blue, pink and red canvas as well as in gold hologram) colours. My favourite are the flats, which are offered in various colours both in faux leather and suede. Flats look good with both the latest girly fashions as well as with regency outfits. And since there are so many different colours, why not buy several pairs in different colours. Sporty Minifées can choose canvas sport flats from nine different colours.


Dollmore has a pair of lovely Ruth flats, offered in two basic colours; red and white. Ruth flats are also sold in floral black, pink and blue. Since the lenght of the shoe is 6,5 cm I recommend socks. Very affordable shoes, only $ 10,50 a pair.


More exclusive shoes can be ordered from Joyce Nicholson. She makes custom made court shoes for SD dolls, but will also make court shoes and slippers for Minifées according to your colour and material wishes. The shoes fit like gloves and are very detailed with tiny decorations such as buckles and rosettes. I had a pair of white silk slippers made to be used with my rococo dress and they are absolutely lovely.