Frivolous Collection

Immarre has finally gotten most of the Frivolous -collection clothes ready and I was modelling the lovely new spring/summer clothes. Silk and print cotton/cotton mix are the fabrics of this collection and the colours are gold, champagne, dark blue and white. The idea was a mix and match collection, so all skirts can be combined with all of the tops. Not all of the different colour options for the skirts and tops (corset) nor the party dress are pictured in this article, since this is only a short introduction of what will be available.

The first combination is a gold silk ruffle skirt decorated with a white satin ribbon and a corset of the same color and fabric. The corset is lined with white cotton and decorated with a dark gold braid and is attaced from the back with a satin ribbon. The ruffle skirt is also available in dark blue and will look really wonderful with the white corset.

The corset can be worn with a longer three ruffle champagne and print silk skirt. In this photo the skirt, which has three different type of ruffles is combined with a sweet knitted top which is fastened with a satin ribbon.

The dark blue plaited silk skirt is also decorated with a white satin ribbon is combined with a white cotton sleeveless top which has a rolled hem. This top leaves the belly open and is thus suitable for the summer. The pleated skirt is availabe also in champagne and gold with a white or brown satin ribbon as decoration.

The white cotton sweater has 2/3 length sleeves and two antique blue roses as decoration. It can be combined with a lovely white beanie which has similar roses as decoration. The white crocetted little cape can be used with the sleeveless tops or the corset (there is also a longer white corset) when a bit of warmth is needed.


Lovely, frivolous shoes for SD girls

There are too many lovely shoes on the market.

I found a gorgeous pair of pink ballerinas from Musedoll that would fit any modern or regency outfit. They are quite pricey [$ 45] but look at the details, absolutely stunning.

Musedoll has also a lovely pair of high heel boots decorated with lace, beads and bows.

MimiWoo has adorable shoes for the smaller budget, such as this lovely pair of pink ballerinas (which come also in white and red) priced only $ 8,88. Again for SD girls only.

They also have a gorgeous pair of high heel Lolita lace shoes in pink for $17.95. These shoes are nearly sold out since they have only two pairs in stock.

Luxour Academy offers a wide range of shoes for SD girls, lolita shoes, high heel shoes and boots such as this pair of black pumps decorated with white lace for $ 25.

The most gorgeous rococo shoe in white can be found at Dollmore for $ 40. This pair of shoes would look stunning with any rococo gown.

Unluckily this frivolous pair of high heel sandals from Souldoll, which remind me of the late 1970s early 1980s, are already out of stock.

Sometimes I wish I'd be the Delf Lishe, since I would have more options in shoes. Why is it so that often us MSD sized dolls are considered as little children? I'm most definately not a child but a woman.