I believe all doll collectors agree that dolls need constantly new clothes. Dolls need clothes for various occasions such as parties, but also for the four different seasons - especially winter clothing.

The only problem is that often clothes are quite expensive and so one needs to try to find bargains. And finding clothing on bargain prices is very time consuming, and one needs all the help one can get.

When I was searching for a new pair of ballerinas I noticed that Denver Doll Emporium has a sale on CheeryDoll clothes. Unluckily some sets are already sold out, but there are still many lovely clothes available.

There's good price reductions, such as this Sporty Casual jacket and shirt for Unoa: http://www.denverdoll.com/images/cheerydoll/sportycasual.jpg

Or what about this sweet checkered hooded set for Petite Ai:

They have also started to sell DollinStyle clothing for SD13, MSD, Petite, YOSD, PukiPuki and RealPuki sized dolls.

This sweet Rosemary set is for YOSD, including Littlefée, girls:

The romantic MSD Ellie set includes dress, jacket, leggings and headband:

And this adorable blue Lavender Love set is something all RealPuki girls need: