It seems that I live with boys who are very unconventional when it comes to fashion. The newest addition to our 'family' is Violet, who was brought up as a girl and now tries desperately to dress like a boy.

I have to admit that often his attempts are very poor indeed. He has no idea of what kind of clothing boys should wear and chooses the most hilarious combinations. Well, he doesn't seem to be bothered so why should anyone else.

A turtleneck woollen sweater sounds very boyish, doesn't it? Apart from the colour, which is lavender, somehow a very girlish colour. You won't often see boys wearing his favourite type of trousers, since Violet loves wearing bloomers. Both the bloomers and sweater are designed and made by Immarre.

Pink and white overknee stockings from Dollmore are combined with white girly shoes from Dollheart. These stockings one can buy in various colour combinations and they fit Minifées extremely well, eventhough they are very long. The shoes are too big for the tiny Minifée feet, so Violet has to use some stuffing inside to make them fit better.

Now you can understand why Flann is constantly trying to guide Violet in the maze of boyish clothing.