Clothing for Littlefée Boys

Its always a challenge to find suitable clothing for dolls, and buying clothing for Littlefées, especially for LTF boys, is no exception. The clothes sold by Fairyland are naturally well fitting and lovely, but when you shop from other companies you need to measure you little one, so that you can try to find something suitable.

I have noticed that Kondoll has lovely clothing for Littlefées. Their clothes for petite girls are gorgeous, like the Pink Camellia Y -set, but they have lovely clothes for the little boys as well.

Most of the clothes fit extremely well, such as the Paradise02 -set, which my little brother Coye is wearing in the photo. This sweet set consists of a jacket, pants, overknee socks and a hat. The pattern with little teddybears, bunnies and houses is lovely and it is well made, so it definately is worth of paying $ 33,50. If you have twin Littlefées, you can buy the Paradise01 -set, which has a slightly different jacket.

Also the TB Prince - set, which will make your boy look like a little prince, fits very nicely Littlefées; http://kondoll.com/ProductList.aspx?prid=777, as does this pink and black set which includes a striped long shirt, a pink short shirt with a hood, black trousers (short enough), a black beanie, a striped scarf and striped socks. The set includes also a tiny necklace; http://kondoll.com/ProductList.aspx?prid=696.

Notice that the normal lenght trousers are a bit too long for Littlefées, unless you are willing to cut them, but anything with shorts or bloomer typed short trousers will fit.


LDoll Festival

We, Starr and myself, participated along with Elke and Tobias the LDoll Festival in Lyon, France. It was the first BJD festival held in Europe and we were really enthusiastic to be a part of it. I participated in the 'Comme au cinema' contest and my movie theme was Marie Antoinette. The contest was won by a petite little hoovling representing 'Narnia' and his/her owner was given a SD doll as the prize.

I'm not going to tell about the actual festival, but instead of fashion. That is clothes, hats and shoes that were for sale at the festival. It seems that the major theme was romantic - there was plenty of romantic clothing available. Especially if you were a girl. There was also a lot of other styles represented, such as casual and oriental. Besides the big doll companies; Peaks Wood and Leeke World, also many French artisans were present at the festival. Blanche Alix had a gorgeous 19th century style corset, lace panties and lovely long socks as well as sweet dresses for MSD girls. A link to the blog of Blanche Alix which has photos: http://blanchealixdolls.blogspot.com/

Heliantas had a lot of petite and tiny sized romantic and lacy dresses and lovely hats. The absolutely dropdead gorgeous hat my brother Lynn is wearing was bought from her shop. Very decorative and very romantic. Here's a link to photos of clothing made by Heliantas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heliantas

Lelahel had plenty of SD sized baroque neo-romantic clothing for both girls and boys. Some of her regency styled dresses were absolutely gorgeous. Here's a link to Lelahel's blog where you can see photos of the gorgeous golden regency drees: http://www.lelahel.net/blog/

Fairy Style had sweet crocheted clothing for Pukipukis, Pukifees, Littlefees and Minifées. Skirts, socks, cardigans everything in pastel colors. They have photos of their collection at flicr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marambu. Edhelwen from Affreusement Mignon makes lovely clothing both for BJDs and Blythes, photos of her work can be seen here: http://edhelwendoll.free.fr/. If you need clothes for Unoa girls or boys then have a look of what Silent Dolls have to offer: http://chinapink.wordpress.com/.
As you can see, the festival was definately the place to be and shop for bjd fashion. And we did shop a lot ... and a lot; shoes, wigs and outfits. Hopefully the festival will be organised in 2011, because we too would like to have our own little shop to sell Minifée clothing.


Tarot outfits at Dollheart

Dollheart has some very lovely new outfits for both boys and girls. My 'brother' Florestan just ordered the 'Egbert' outfit (which is not one of the new ones though) and I had a chance to look at the clothes too. And I liked very much what I saw.

For little MSD girls who like Victorian era clothing the Independent Girl is a good choice. The dark (black with a floral motif with hints of white and blue) colours are perfect for those long autumn and winter Sundays when you visit relatives. The outfit includes a hair accessory (a rosette) and socks. This sweet outfit is $ 89,90.

The little MSD prince could dress in the Mischievous Child. The outfit includes long black trousers, a white shirt, vest, tie and a sweet little 'top hat'. And to make the little prince look formal, it also includes a little grey jacket with satin trimmings on the sleeves and collar. Absolutely adorable. The price for this outfit is $ 89,90.

The Tarot seems to be the theme for the SD clothes, High Priestess is the name of the sinful and gorgeous looking red satin which is richly decorated with black lace. The outfit reminds me of a combination of Moulin Rouge and Carmen. Ladies with dark hair and fair skin will look stunning in this outfit. The price is $ 109,90.

SD boys have three different Tarot outfits; the very priestly looking Hierophant outfit, which has a clergyman's hat combined with a jacket, small cape and trousers. The Chariot reminds me of the German Sissi movies, a red jacket with white trousers, a long black velvet cape and a cavalry officer's hat. One just needs to buy the long black riding boots to go with this outfit. The third one is the Devil, a black gothic type outfit made of faux leather. The prices range from $ 99,90 to 109,90.

Detailed information and photos can be viewed at www.dollheart.com


Shoes for those tiny Minifée feet

As everyone knows we Minifées have small feet. And small feet cause problems when you need to find suitable shoes. Most of the MSD sized shoes are far too big for our delicate feet, even with socks.


Boots are relatively easy, because they can be a bit too big and you can still use them. I admit that some boots look hilarious, my brothers look like little boys wearing their father's boots. The most suitable boots you can buy from Luts. The Minimal Long boots are offered in brown, black and shiny black at the price of $ 43. My brothers love them and have three pairs . The Mary pumps by Luts seem to be the right size for us Minifée girls, I've seen many girls wearing them. At the moment all other colours except black are out of stock.


Dela Rae's shoes are perfect for Minifée girls. Dela Rae shoes are well made and affordable, a pair of basic pumps is $ 14. Pumps are offered in four basic (black, white, ecru, red) and in five special (e.g. animal print) colours, wedge heels in five (black, blue, pink and red canvas as well as in gold hologram) colours. My favourite are the flats, which are offered in various colours both in faux leather and suede. Flats look good with both the latest girly fashions as well as with regency outfits. And since there are so many different colours, why not buy several pairs in different colours. Sporty Minifées can choose canvas sport flats from nine different colours.


Dollmore has a pair of lovely Ruth flats, offered in two basic colours; red and white. Ruth flats are also sold in floral black, pink and blue. Since the lenght of the shoe is 6,5 cm I recommend socks. Very affordable shoes, only $ 10,50 a pair.


More exclusive shoes can be ordered from Joyce Nicholson. She makes custom made court shoes for SD dolls, but will also make court shoes and slippers for Minifées according to your colour and material wishes. The shoes fit like gloves and are very detailed with tiny decorations such as buckles and rosettes. I had a pair of white silk slippers made to be used with my rococo dress and they are absolutely lovely.


Frivolous Collection

Immarre has finally gotten most of the Frivolous -collection clothes ready and I was modelling the lovely new spring/summer clothes. Silk and print cotton/cotton mix are the fabrics of this collection and the colours are gold, champagne, dark blue and white. The idea was a mix and match collection, so all skirts can be combined with all of the tops. Not all of the different colour options for the skirts and tops (corset) nor the party dress are pictured in this article, since this is only a short introduction of what will be available.

The first combination is a gold silk ruffle skirt decorated with a white satin ribbon and a corset of the same color and fabric. The corset is lined with white cotton and decorated with a dark gold braid and is attaced from the back with a satin ribbon. The ruffle skirt is also available in dark blue and will look really wonderful with the white corset.

The corset can be worn with a longer three ruffle champagne and print silk skirt. In this photo the skirt, which has three different type of ruffles is combined with a sweet knitted top which is fastened with a satin ribbon.

The dark blue plaited silk skirt is also decorated with a white satin ribbon is combined with a white cotton sleeveless top which has a rolled hem. This top leaves the belly open and is thus suitable for the summer. The pleated skirt is availabe also in champagne and gold with a white or brown satin ribbon as decoration.

The white cotton sweater has 2/3 length sleeves and two antique blue roses as decoration. It can be combined with a lovely white beanie which has similar roses as decoration. The white crocetted little cape can be used with the sleeveless tops or the corset (there is also a longer white corset) when a bit of warmth is needed.


Lovely, frivolous shoes for SD girls

There are too many lovely shoes on the market.

I found a gorgeous pair of pink ballerinas from Musedoll that would fit any modern or regency outfit. They are quite pricey [$ 45] but look at the details, absolutely stunning.

Musedoll has also a lovely pair of high heel boots decorated with lace, beads and bows.

MimiWoo has adorable shoes for the smaller budget, such as this lovely pair of pink ballerinas (which come also in white and red) priced only $ 8,88. Again for SD girls only.

They also have a gorgeous pair of high heel Lolita lace shoes in pink for $17.95. These shoes are nearly sold out since they have only two pairs in stock.

Luxour Academy offers a wide range of shoes for SD girls, lolita shoes, high heel shoes and boots such as this pair of black pumps decorated with white lace for $ 25.

The most gorgeous rococo shoe in white can be found at Dollmore for $ 40. This pair of shoes would look stunning with any rococo gown.

Unluckily this frivolous pair of high heel sandals from Souldoll, which remind me of the late 1970s early 1980s, are already out of stock.

Sometimes I wish I'd be the Delf Lishe, since I would have more options in shoes. Why is it so that often us MSD sized dolls are considered as little children? I'm most definately not a child but a woman.


I believe all doll collectors agree that dolls need constantly new clothes. Dolls need clothes for various occasions such as parties, but also for the four different seasons - especially winter clothing.

The only problem is that often clothes are quite expensive and so one needs to try to find bargains. And finding clothing on bargain prices is very time consuming, and one needs all the help one can get.

When I was searching for a new pair of ballerinas I noticed that Denver Doll Emporium has a sale on CheeryDoll clothes. Unluckily some sets are already sold out, but there are still many lovely clothes available.

There's good price reductions, such as this Sporty Casual jacket and shirt for Unoa: http://www.denverdoll.com/images/cheerydoll/sportycasual.jpg

Or what about this sweet checkered hooded set for Petite Ai:

They have also started to sell DollinStyle clothing for SD13, MSD, Petite, YOSD, PukiPuki and RealPuki sized dolls.

This sweet Rosemary set is for YOSD, including Littlefée, girls:

The romantic MSD Ellie set includes dress, jacket, leggings and headband:

And this adorable blue Lavender Love set is something all RealPuki girls need:



It seems that I live with boys who are very unconventional when it comes to fashion. The newest addition to our 'family' is Violet, who was brought up as a girl and now tries desperately to dress like a boy.

I have to admit that often his attempts are very poor indeed. He has no idea of what kind of clothing boys should wear and chooses the most hilarious combinations. Well, he doesn't seem to be bothered so why should anyone else.

A turtleneck woollen sweater sounds very boyish, doesn't it? Apart from the colour, which is lavender, somehow a very girlish colour. You won't often see boys wearing his favourite type of trousers, since Violet loves wearing bloomers. Both the bloomers and sweater are designed and made by Immarre.

Pink and white overknee stockings from Dollmore are combined with white girly shoes from Dollheart. These stockings one can buy in various colour combinations and they fit Minifées extremely well, eventhough they are very long. The shoes are too big for the tiny Minifée feet, so Violet has to use some stuffing inside to make them fit better.

Now you can understand why Flann is constantly trying to guide Violet in the maze of boyish clothing.


Stockings and socks complete your outfit

To complete an outfit one needs socks or stockings, I at least feel that I'm only half dressed without stockings. You can also avoid staining if you use socks with black shoes or boots. And don't forget that socks can also make shoes fit better, at least us Minifées need to use socks since our feet are very small. Socks and stockings can be easily made and there are also plenty of BJD shops selling socks.

Someone admired my white lace stayup stockings and wanted to know where I bought them. We usually buy stockings and socks from Dollmore, since they offer a wide variety of different styles. Anything from romantic to cute girly and even boyish styles and in all BJD sizes.

http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=3845 These white lace stockings are my favourite, since they fit all of my romantic dresses. And they are not too big for Minifées either, unluckily they seem to be sold out. Lace stockings are still available in black or you might want to check the white net stockings which are quite lovely too.

Striped overknee stockings seem to be very popular among dolls, even two of my brothers have them. Black and white, pink and white, blue and white, red and black, there are plenty of colour combinations for those wanting striped stockings.

If you don't like overknee stockings you might want to buy a pair of knee socks, which can also be found in different colours and fabrics. This romantic pair of socks is available at Mimiwoo: http://www.mimiwoo.com/popup_image.php?pID=2117

Lovely socks that fit both us slim girls and boys can be found at Her Delicate Strength with very reasonable prices. You can choose either ankle, knee or thigh length socks in 28 different colours. http://www.brennil.com/socks.html

Those who want to have a little bit luxury and romance in their dollie lives might be interested in the stockings and garter belt available at Dollheart. Lovely sets for both MSD and SD girls, such as these lace trimmed white MSD stockings: http://www.dollheart.com/web/shop/acc/socks/la237/la237.html


White Elven Dreams

A lot of girls dress in revealing clothing and I know some boys who do that too. Such as Juniper our resident half-elf. The more revealing the better. Juniper's favourite colour is white - white shoes, white tops, white bottoms ...

In this photo Juniper is dressed in a white embroidered silk loincloth and corset, both custom made to fit him. The corset is lined with cotton and laced in the back, the loincloth is worn without underpants and tied at the waist with satin ribbons. If you are looking for corsets - either for SDs or MSDs, you might want to see what Raouken has to offer.

Raouken's corsets are sold at Triskel Fantasy Shop: http://www.triskelfantasy.com/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=457

To give a more mysterious look he's also wearing a custom made plaited robe and jewellery - a Stargazer filigree neck corset and cuffs made by St.Lunatic. Lovely and very detailed, she offers a variety of different styles, also steampunk: http://www.st-lunatic.com/

The newest addition to Juniper's outfit are his girly shoes, naturally from Doll Heart. His feet, since he's a Delf, are tiny compared to other SD boys and thus many of the shoes and boots available are too big. Unluckily his his lovely new white ribbon decorated Doll Heart shoes are also too big and he needs to use socks (ugly white boyish socks) to make them fit. http://www.dollheart.com/web/shop/shoes/1013b/LS-660d1.jpg


Hats, hats, hats

Plenty of bjds wear hats. Beanies seem to be especially popular - one can see knitted beanies, crocheted beanies, beanies made of socks and so on. In all colours of the rainbow and with every different types of decorations. It seems that every single bjd company offer beanies and nearly all bjds have at least one beanie. All my brothers have beanies - whether they use them or not is another question - but I don't. Maybe I should get one.

Its winter and during winter beanies are warm, but nothing is as warm as a fur hat. I just learnt that its possible to get bjd sized fur hats by Fashion House. http://www.denverdoll.com/marinashats.php
Nice to have a little diversity concerning hats.

If you are interested in more decorative hats, you might want to check what Souldoll has to offer. Unluckily their hats (and clothes) often sell out very quickly. But its worth while to at least browse what kind of hats they have/have had for sale, it might give some ideas. Such as this one: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1875

Musedoll has some lovely items which suit both boys and girls such as this black hat decorated with lace, ribbon and chains: http://musedoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=494umber=494

Cotin Doll has quite a wide selection of hats for both the MSD and SD boys and girls. How about a fishing hat in flower print or blue 'snake' skin? That would be something different! http://eng.cotindoll.com/front/bin/ptdetail.phtml?Part=jmsdcap005&Category=326331

Maybe you feel that a more romantic hat suits you better. Here's a lovely girlish bonnet which can be worn either the ruffle in the front or in the back. http://www.arcadiadolls.com/store/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=48

You might be interested in a more steampunk styled hat. Something from Another Space maybe? This type of hat is nearly as popular as the beanies, so why not join the band wagon. http://anotherspace2.co.kr/shop/step1.php?number=289

You can also have your hat custom made and it will be unique, such as my silk hat decorated with lace, roses and ribbon. I'd love to have many hats and bonnets but the storage of them is problematic. You need hat boxes for storage and I haven't yet found any suitable bjd sized hat boxes.

Rococo inspired clothing

I love rococo inspired clothing, and luckily so does Immarre. Pastel coloured silks, cotton prints, ribbons and lace - plenty of lace. But no panties or pantalets. Pantalets only became more common during Napoleon's time and from about 1805 French and English fashion journals occacionally referred to a new item called drawers or pantalets. Empire gowns made some leg covering necessary, but pantalets were not adopted by women until the 1830s. Bloomers were originally long, loose pantaloons gathered at the ankles, showing below full skirts and designed by an American social reformer, Amelia Jenks Bloomer, in the 19th century. Here is a picture of the original 19th century bloomers. http://www.vat19.com/blog/old-fashioned-bloomers.jpg

Panties, pantalets, pantalettes, pantaloons, bloomers. So many different names for this piece of clothing used by girls/ladies under their skirts. A great help for understanding all those - and other costume related terms - is 'The Dictionary of Costume' by R.Turner Wilcox.

Here is a photo of me in an rococo inspired gown. Its all hand sewn by Immarre and she also made the pattern. I call it rococo inspired because it doesn't have panniers nor a corset under the bodice. Silk, printed cotton mix, lace and ribbons - all in different shades of white. A very complex choice of colour, but I think that its lovely. I would need a pair of heeled slippers to go with this gown, but it seems that it is not so easy to find a MNF sized pair.

My Brother

My brother, Lynn, has an interesting taste. He looks just like a young Lucius Malfoy with his long silver blond hair. Luckily that's were the similarities end. He does not love dressing in black clothes (and is a much nicer person) but enjoys the combination of black and white. Here is a photo of him dressed in his favourite clothes.

The black and white striped overknee socks are from Dollmore, which are also available in white&blue. (http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6915). I think they are a bit girly but it seems that the other girls love the combination of overknee socks with pleather hotpants. The black pleather hotpants are from Dollzone (http://www.doll-zone.com/index.asp) and fit my brother's big round butt quite nicely.

The white cotton shirt was made by Immarre, who Xaya taught how to make a shirt pattern. Immarre made also the waist cincher from the Grace Faerie pattern #23 'The Poet for MSD' (http://www.gracefaerie.com/patterns/pattern23.html)

The black patent platform boots are from Luts(http://www.eluts.com/) and they are available also in brown and black. They are just the right size for Minifée boys who have small feet compared to some other MSD sized boys.

His white mohair sweater and beanie were knitted by Immarre.

First Post


I'm Shell, a Minifée Lishe. I'm not a human, but an Asian Ball-Jointed Doll (bjd). If you don't know what a bjd is you might want to check out http://www.denofangels.com/.

I'm starting this blog to share my love in fashion, fashion designed and made for us, bjds. I'll mainly concentrate on what interests me, i.e. shoes and dresses, but will also write about fashions that interest the other doll gender. What to wear, where to buy and where to find interesting pieces of clothing.